Geomatic Software Solutions

GIS - IT Services - Outsourcing


Geomatic Software Solutions specializes in the development and implementation of infrastructure asset management systems. The company is especially proud of Geosolutions products family, which are implemented in several big enterprises in Poland.

Our products are characterized by:

  • easy customization to individual customers' needs
  • modularity, which enables system development in accordance with company’s development
  • integration with GIS and 3D data
  • the ability to exchange data with other systems (i.e. SAP, ERP systems) and relevant institutions
  • the ability to define processes and roles in a flexible way
  • compliance with the applicable legislation, technical standards and INSPIRE requirements
  • user-friendliness
  • small hardware requirements.

Along with the family of Geosolutions products, the company offers professional implementation services provided by our consultants. The implementation works include assistance in system configuration, including processes definition, setup of system access rights to individual elements, system training, as well as software installation, support and maintenance.

The company provides:

  • support during the selection of technology adapted to the specific company needs
  • design and implementation of specialized industry applications
  • the integration of IT systems and applications
  • comprehensive support and maintenance of IT systems.