IT services. Software development.

We have been designing and creating software for over 10 years
for clients in Poland and abroad.


We create advanced IT systems

Geomatic Software Solutions Sp.z o.o. was established in 2008. From the beginning, we have been designing and creating systems supporting information management, including spatial data management systems.

We create tools tailored to the individual needs of medium and large enterprises as well as local government units and institutions. Our solutions support such areas of activity as: wealth management, management of utilities networks, establishment of easements, line investments, environmental protection, spatial planning as well as infrastructure project management (CDE).

The company and employees have participated in many national and international projects providing IT services, including projects for the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, European Space Agency and large IT integrators.


We design, create and develop software in fixed-price and time & material models.

We specialize in creating Internet and desktop applications based on Microsoft, Google and Open Source technologies. We are responsible for the entire application development process, from system analysis to implementation and maintenance. We have the knowledge to design and implement IT systems tailored to unique customer visions.

We provide programmers and entire teams for various IT projects, including international projects. We have already worked with clients in Germany, Belgium, USA, Great Britain and Austria.

GIS and image recognition

We, the space lords

We have been creating systems that use spatial data for years. We implement both desktop GIS applications and comprehensive geoportal solutions for enterprises, public administration and institutions. We have experience in using various GIS platforms, including ESRI, Intergraph, Bentley, Autodesk and Open Source tools.

We combine GIS technologies with advanced image recognition processes using neural networks (KERAS). With the aerial or satellite photos, we are able to automatically determine the location of various objects (e.g. buildings, installations), analyze land cover, or indicate e.g. possible locations of solar panels on the roofs of buildings.


GEOMATIC Software Solutions Sp. z o.o.

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